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Press Release LS53L0X: time of flight proximity sensor

In april 2017, Gilisymo announces the availability of the new time of flight proximity sensor LS53L0X on the market.

It is compatible with arduino, rapsberry, STM32 nucleo and has many other features.




Grenoble (France), April  14th 2017


GILISYMO announces the LS53L0X Plug&Play, autonomous and multimode photonics distance sensor. This sensor aims at providing best in class proximity sensors from Time of Flight technology with embedded processing capabilities and supports of various communication protocols while remaining low cost and having the market's smallest footprint.


LS53L0X may be used in many applications, scientific, industrial, medical, fluids, robotics, drones, gesture, … where accurate distance sensing is needed.


            The LS53L0X sensor features 2V8 to 3V5 low power, provides ultrashort to long-range detection and accurate ranging. The shield offer accurate ranging in the range of 0-2m, the accuracy/speed can be controlled thanks to 3 pre-programmed scenarii (high speed, long distance, high accuracy).


This shield embedding a microcontroller and a Time of Flight IC makes it useable without any external processing unit, it can natively be used with available communication modules of the market (BLE, WIFI …). Its simultaneously available data ports make the sensor plug and play with prototyping boards such as Arduino, Raspberry PI, STM32 Nucleo, …  Hence it can replace, with zero cost, any other sensor present in an application, improving  its accuracy.

The supported communication protocols are I2C, pulse width modulation (PWM), serial (UART) and analog.


The pricing structure of the sensor make it the lowest cost sensor in its category.  For any information please visit the website www.gilisymo.com or email contact@gilisymo.com.


Gilisymo sales and technical support will be pleased to help you with any question you may have.

Email: contact@gilisymo.com

Web: www.gilisymo.com

Twitter: @gilisymotech

Facebook: facebook.com/gilisymotech/ 

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