LS53L0X-V2 LASER Distance Sensor

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Light Saber LS53L0X-V2, the ideal Time of Flight distance measure solution

More details

New Version LS53L0X-V2 :

- Different Layout but pin to pin compatible and with the same dimension

- Interrupt is now connected to PA0 of STM32 to use deep low power

- Do you have any questions, or need it soon? please contact.

Latest FW = V2.2.254

This version manage ultra low power that use new PA0 connection



The Light Saber board is the ideal Time of Flight distance measure solution. It is suitable for both professional use and for simple bricolage applications. Is use two components from STMicroelectronics the value line STM32F030 microcontroller and the time-of-Flight VL53L0X. Different microcontroller and Time-of-Flight can be used possible to extends Flash memory or measuring distances.

The LS53L0X V2 uses the version STM32F030C8,this has 64Kbytes of Flash and 8 Kbytes RAM. The Light Saber board contains a FW programmed and protected which fills almost all the memory. Nevertheless, the protection and the FW can be removed, you can use your board with your software.

The FW has multiple features that facilitates the integration of the board in a more complex system, see the datasheet.


The LS53L0X V2 uses the VL53L0X this is a Time-of-Flight that works with a VCSEL at 940 nm and it is capable to detect a target at 200 cm.


The tiny form factor made the Light Saber very easy to integrate in your system. You will prove your concept rapidly and you will not spend times to learn how to deal with the Time-of-Flight. All that you need it to use one of the supported outputs: PWM, UART and I2C.

Main Features

- Chipset: VL53L0X TOF sensor STMF030C8T6 micro
- Firmware: Preloaded within Flash Memory
- Laser class: Class 1 (IEC 60825-1:2014 - 3rd edition)
- Ranging distance: 3cm to 2m
- Data acquisition: I2C, UART, PWM
- Control: I2C, UART
- Power supply: 2V8 to 3V3
- Board Dimension 24x18x8 mm

Plug and Play

- Full Functional firmware provided
- No Software development needed
- Measure data immediately available after power on


More than 30 UART parameter can be set to modify the LS53L0X-V2 configuration.
Few example of possible configuration:
- VL53L0X-V2 calibration - Master/Slave mode definition - Data formatting
- Alert definition - PWM configuration - Low power mode
(+ lot of other possibilities …)
For more details refer to the complete LS53L0X-V2 datasheet

Special Features

Possibility to connect more than 120 LS53L0X boards (1 Master and all the rest as slave).
Control and the data acquisition of all the LS53L0X accessible from the Master.
Use your own algorithm with multiple distances:

Obstacle Detection
Indoor Positioning
Gesture Recognition
Curve Surface Profiling
Sound Light
Quantity Detection and more...

LS52L0X Chain Video

How does it works

1: Based on Time-Of-Flight technology, the VL53L0 distance sensor measures a distance from 2cm to 200 cm
2: The measured distance data is transferred to the STM32F030 microcontroller through I2C protocol
3: Thanks to the firmware embedded in the STM32F030 the measured distance is available simultaneously through

Bord Pinout


- Minimum Factory lead time is 4 weeks