LS53LX-S-L0 Light Saber Sensor VL53L0X

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LS53LX-S Light Saber Sensor VL53L0X. Breakout board with VL53L0X with independent LED and level shifter on all pins Made in France

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LS53LX-S-L0 Light Saber Sensor VL53L0X

The ideal Time of Flight breakout board for distance measure solution

Made in France

ls53lx-s-l0 front

VL53L0X from STMicroelectronics


 Fast, accurate distance ranging

 Measures absolute range up to 2 m

 Reported range is independent of the target reflectance

 Eye safe

 940 nm laser VCSEL

 Class 1 laser device compliant with latest standard IEC 60825-1:2014 - 3rd edition

Breakout board features


 Board with VL53L0X sensor from STMicroelectronics

 LED independent pin

 Connected to Vin or 2V8 pin to indicate the power supply

 Connected to a GPIO of the Host to indicate a precise distance or condition driven by your Firmware

LDO 2.8V with 200 mA output (when Vin can provide these additional current)

 VIN from 2.8V to 5V compatible with any board like Arduino, Raspberry, Nucleo Board

Level Shifter on I2C but also in XShut and GPIO

 Dimensions 22.86mm x 12.7mm (0.9” x 0.5”)


 Internet of Things

 User detection

 Building and Industrial Automation

 Smart Lighting

 Consumer

 Security and proximity

 Robotics (obstacle detection)

 1D gesture recognition.


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