VL53L0X Cover glass Round without glue

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Cover glass for VL53L0X : IR-T018-PM3D-A066 without glue.

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The cover glass protects the infrared sensor from dust ad external perturbations.

The supplier reference is:  IR-T018-PM3D-A066 without glue.

WARNING: this is a very nice coverglass and at the same time you need to be careful on the location for the VL53L0X. You need to have it mounted in a very tiny PCB otherwise you cannot use it. Have a look on the pictures for more details.


The supplier can add three kind of coating, you can order with one of this but with a minimum quantity of 200. Please ask for quotation:

  1. Top Side Tape: Not Applicable.
  2. UV Coating: increase the hardness of lens, avoid the scratch
  3. Olio Phobic: avoid dirty and fingerprint


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- Produce date need: Cover Glass 14 working days so delivery time will be from 2 to 3 weeks if not in stock

- Please Note that if you order more than the stock quantity, the system will say that all is in stock, this is not correct. You need to consider from 2 to 3 weeks for the not in stock quantities.

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