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Distance Boards and accessories

LS53L0X, the ideal Time of Flight distance measure solution Temporary not available
19,00 €

New Bluetooth module based on SPBTLE-1S from STMicroelectronics It contains a Time-of-Flight VL53L1X  and a MEMS LIS2DH12TR. Warning : Cover glass...
45,00 €

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8,00 €

VL53L1X Cover Glass

Cover glass for VL53L1X IR-T042C0-PM3D-A066 Without light blocker and with tape.
4,00 €

Cover glass for IR-T036C0-MM5D-A066-B With light blocker and tape.
6,00 €

32 Cover glass for VL53L1X with 8 different types. Buy it if you don't know which one is the best for you.
192,00 €

Cover glass for VL53L1X IR-T080C0-CC3L-A066-B Dust Free with bottom tape.
7,00 €

VL53L0X Cover Glass

IR012C0-PM3D-A066 (equivalent to IR-T012C0-PM3D-A066) with tape : The best performance LS53L0X cover glass.
4,00 €

Cover glass for VL53L0X : IR-T018-PM3D-A066 without glue.
5,00 €

Cover glass for VL53L0X IR-T079C0-CC3L-A066-B Dust Free With bottom tape.
7,00 €

IR010C0-PM3D-A066 with bottom tape and two fixing holes. Best for fixing on case.
5,00 €

VL6180X Cover Glass

Cover glass for IR011C0-PM3D-A066 With tape.
4,00 €

Cover glass for VL6180 :IR-T078C0-CC3L-A066-B With bottom tape.
7,00 €

Cover glass for VL6180:  IR009C0-PM3D-A066 with bottom tape and two fixing holes.
5,00 €

Generic Cover Glass

Infrared Pass Plate Cover Glass 1 mm : TP-T001-PA04-A066-2 basic surface
7,00 €

Infrared Pass Plate Cover Glass 18mm x 25mm x 0,5 mm : TP-T002-PM50-A068 basic surface
4,00 €