CG-VL53L1X-BO VL53L1X Cover glass with light blocker + Oleo Phobic

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Cover glass for IR-T036C0-MM5D-A066-B With light blocker and tape, with the additional Olio Phobic coating 

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The cover glass protects the infrared sensor from dust ad external perturbations. In addition it improve cross talk compared standard cover glass.

The supplier reference is:  IR-T036C0-MM5D-A066-B with tape. This Cover glass has a light blocker. This will provide better result in term of cross talk.

Olio Phobic Coating

  1. avoid dirty and fingerprint

- Best cut is multiple of 12 cover glass


- For the shipment Customs are not included

- Produce date need: Cover Glass 14 working days so delivery time will be from 2 to 3 weeks if not in stock

- You can order more than the quantity in stock 1k 10k 100k or more please ask for quotation

Material PMMA
Hardness 1H~3H
ARC Transmission rate more than 90%
Roughness Rq Optical grade
Haze less than 6%
Cross-talk 0.1~0.3kcps
Heat resistantTemperature 0-80 degree Centigrage
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20 5,69 € Up to 16,25 €
50 4,88 € Up to 81,25 €
100 4,55 € Up to 195,00 €